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Lasana O. Hotep Professional

Antiracist/Antisexist Educator
Strategic Thought Partner
Equity-Advancing Executive Coach
Transformative Consultant

Antiracist/Antisexist Educator
Strategic Thought Partner
Equity-Advancing Executive Coach
Transformative Consultant

Equity Advancing Executive Coaching:

Enhance your leadership magnitude/impact.

A leader who considers the specific interest and needs of all races and gender identities found in their workforce is one that organizations need today. By cultivating the skills and tools needed to lead people with equity in mind, they will be empowered to be advocates for your organization. Lasana understands what it takes to go from good to great. Lasana leverages his 20+ years in organization leadership experience to coach executives. By closing skill or knowledge gaps, you will be able to enhance your impact on your organization by creating anti-racist and anti-sexist spaces for your team.

Strategic Thought Partner:

It has been said that culture eats strategy for breakfast, however one must be strategic when implementing culture change within an organization. Lasana provides insights, counsel, and advice to organizations to assist them in avoiding pitfalls and developing a culture that thrives at the intersection of equity and success. Planning sessions with Lasana can provide a fresh effective perspective to produce strategic institutional responses to issues around race, gender, and equity. A proactive approach rather than a reactive one creates a streamlined organizational strategy to take your institution to the next level.

Transformative Professional Development:

Aligning the goals of leadership and staff is critical to the advancement of a team. Lasana works hands-on with organizations to elevate a team’s cultural competency and equity advancing agenda. Lasana has delivered hundreds of witty, fact-based workshops, trainings, keynotes, and captivating lectures to match the learning styles of each organization. His presentations provide participants with thought provoking experiences through an antiracist/antisexist lens. Most importantly, his talks take theory and makes it applicable to the daily work of the practitioners. From universities to corporations, intimate team trainings to large conferences Lasana has had a transformative effect on the professional development of many organizations with long term results.

College & Universities

Albany State University
Arcadia University
Arizona State University
Ball State
Champlain University
Clemson University
Coe College
Colby College
Cornell College
Cornell University
Estrella Mountain Community College
Fayetteville State University
Foothill College
Georgia Southern University
Howard University
Indianapolis University
Purdue University Indiana (IUPUI)
Laney College
Langston University
Lincoln University
Los Angeles City College
North Carolina A&T
Northern Illinois University
Northwest Missouri State University
Merrit College
Metropolitan Community College - Penn Valley
Millikan University
Morehead State University
Morehouse University
Phoenix College
Sam Houston State University
State University of New York - Stony Brook
St. Cloud State University
St. Phillips College
Temple University
Texas A&M University
Texas State University
Togaloo University
University of Arizona
University of Arkansas - Fayetteville
University of Houston
University of Kansas
University of Louisville
University of Massachusetts - Amherst
University of Missouri
University of Nebraska
University of Texas at Austin
University of Texas at Dallas
University of Toledo

High Schools & Middle Schools

Desert Vista High School - Tempe Arizona
Cesar Chavez

Community Centers & Museums

Molefi Kete Asante Institute of Afrocentric Studies


Am I My Brother's Keeper Conference (KU)
Association for the Study of African Life and History (ASALAH)
Black and Male in America
Black Brown & College Bound
Barack Obama and American Democracy (BOAD)
Noel-Levitts - Retention Conference
Mis-Education of the Black Grek Leadership Conference
Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference (SBSLC)
Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB)